Wednesday, November 13, 2013

PiYo/ Stress Blog

 When Rachel told us about doing PiYos next class I was excited. During PiYos I was loving it. I was a dancer so I felt the moves weren't too difficult and I picked them up quickly.  The moves and balancing felt good on my muscles and joints. I was able to concentrate during it, but sometimes I realized I would hold my breath or not breath the correct way. Rachel said to basically breath out loud because it makes the tension in your body let out and releases stress. My favorite part was at the end when we laid on our backs and closed our eyes and pictured where our happy place was. I thought it was relaxing and it made you realize how great life can be. When the exercise was over I felt relaxed but tired as well. My body felt it could move in different ways such as flexibility. I would definitely do it again because I love working out. In the future I'm looking forward to having my own classes of PiYos, Yoga and Zumba. 

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