Monday, October 21, 2013

Psychosocial Health

     Drug companies or the physicians who prescribe antidepressants to adolescents are responsible for the suicides of children taking such drugs because one of their jobs knowing their patient very well. They should know if their patient is allergic to a drug or how much amount the patient should take. I also feel parents should be informed of warning signs to watch for their child because if something happens, the parents will be prepared on what to do instead of worrying. The fact their child is on an antidepressant they definitely don't need to start worry and not knowing what to do if something happens to their child.

"Modern antidepressant drugs which have made billions for the pharmaceutical industry will be banned from use in children today because of evidence, suppressed for years, that they can cause young patients to become suicidal." 

   I think antidepressants administered to children should be banned because children are too young to be talking them. From ABC News Video we watched in class, few of the girls they showed were thinking of suicide.

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