Tuesday, October 8, 2013

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       When it comes to food, this week was different than usual. I tried a variety of different foods that included fruits, vegetables, and protein. For fruits I had waffles with blackberries on top. I liked the blackberries because they were refreshing and good for you. Another fruit I tried was guacamole. I had Mexican food with guacamole on it. The texture was weird but it tasted very good. One of the vegetables I tried were beets. When biting into them I spitted it right out. The smell and the taste of it was awful. I would never have beets again. The other vegetable I had was squash in vegetable soup. I liked it a lot and would defiantly have it again. The last food I tried was tofu which is under protein. I thought it taste absolutely awful. The texture was slimy, but I figured I would like it because it looked like chicken which I love. I would never try tofu again. Trying these foods were different for me because I usually eat the same thing. I'm glad I tried these because now I like some of them and will eat them more often. I encourage people to try different things because it will make your life more exciting.
     During fall break I went to Franciscan University to eat with my grandmother. I talked to Chef Rob about organic and non-GMO fruits/veggies. He said they produce organic foods and when it comes to GMO fruits/veggies they but them locally; sourced. Chef Rob definitely knew what he was talking about. There was no hesitation when I asked him questions and his facial expression looked like he wanted to be there; he wanted to help me out. Franciscans cafeteria as a huge variety of foods. I saw they had meat burgers AND veggie burgers. I liked how they had both instead of one or the other. What I also liked about their cafeteria is it fits for everyone and they all can enjoy their meals.

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  1. Maybe this could be a future project for you - working with Aramark on healthy food choices? Do you remember who provided Franciscan's food?