Thursday, September 19, 2013

Food Inc Blog

            When it comes on buying food from companies I believe I fall somewhere in the middle. The reason I attend to be in the middle is because of cost, diet, and convenience. I really enjoy organic foods and fruit and vegetables, but the high price discourages me. I constantly ask myself how am I going to save money and do I really need this? When it comes to convenience at home I have plenty of health explanations considering my parents help a lot. However at school its a little different because there are less choices to choose from. Being a student athlete its important to obtain my body properly so I can perform to the best of my ability. 
            After watching the film Food Inc. it has affected my perspective on food. It showed me a side of the food companies that are deceitful and horrifying.; especially how the way they treat the animals which I believe is not right. Watching what they did to the animals made my stomach turn and made me not eat for good amount of hours. I want to know more about what I'm consuming and information on the companies that make the food I eat.
            Having a healthy lifestyle can be difficult; especially when dealing with pricing. I think its outrageous how expensive healthy foods are. Another thing that makes me upset is how in the film its okay to hurt people just to make money. Our food industry obviously doesn't care. My grandparents ate all natural food. Back in the day they ate healthier than we do now a days because it was genetically adapted. 
            For food labeling I think all foods should have labels on them. Do I think this will change people, I don't think so but maybe some people will read them and change how they way they eat. We consumers need to know what we're putting in our bodies so these labels need to let people know what they're eating. 

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