Monday, September 9, 2013

Super Size Me Blog

People are less physically active because they have no motivation and the biggest thing is technology. Technology has made everything much easier. Video games and cell phones have taken over. Children now a days would rather play video games than go outside and play. I do think television, computers, and video games have contributed to weight gain because your not doing any movement with your body. Basically your just sitting there with your eyes on the screen. Some people might use television, computers, and video games for exercising such as insanity or zumba but that rarely happens. I asked my parents how physical activity has changed over the years and they said it wasn't as strict. Back then the gym class was forgotten once it was over. Kids weren't taught to take the long view of lifetime fitness. What I would do about this is show kids all of the activities you can do outside and hopefully they will enjoy them. I'd also tell them to go outside and enjoy the nature because it's relaxing and besides, being inside for a long period of time is not good.
Yes, I agree that physical education is a place out there that's offering a solution but it's not the ONLY place. I think school education also offers a solution because if you study and do your work you will have a solution at the end, which is getting a good grade. Therefore, I do agree with Mr. Lawler statements and I feel school education should be included.
The income and social exclusion can affect how healthy someone eats because its more expensive to buy healthy foods than it is junk foods. Their physically active will more likely be insufficient because people are going to buy the junk foods instead of healthy foods because they don't want to spend the money. Therefore, you have a lose to lose situation. Working long hours or shift-work impacts eating and physical activity because your not consuming much food. Basically the reason to this is you don't have time to eat and while working long hours your body is excising while your losing the food you ate that day. This situation happened to a friend of mine over the summer. She told me working long hours benefited herself with the weight she had lost. She feels and looks greats and she said "I'm a new me."


  1. I completely agree with what you said about how technology has taken over this world. I do believe that it is close to the number one reason that children are becoming so obese.
    Do you think that if people came up with computer games that required children to participate in physical activities and get their bodies moving, that it could help with this problem? Since it is so hard to pry children away from the computer screen, I feel, that if there were ways for them to have fun playing a game that required them to "break a sweat," it could potentially make some progress in their health. Do you agree?

    1. I have to say also that I believe that the new interactive game systems that get you physically active are nice ways to get kids (and adults) started in getting more physically active. This topic came up in Katie's blog and so I want to ask you the same question I asked her...will this type of gaming make kids less likely to go outside and be physically active because they will think, "Hey, I already did my physical activity for the day through this game." I guess the question really does it matter where you are physically active, as long as you are?

  2. Technology does make everything easier, faster, and everyone tilt to the lazier side of things. Technology provides so many forms of entertainment that people don't even feel like moving. Not only do you not feel the need to move, but you don't have to. Remotes, phones, computers, etc. are portable. Have children fallen into this immovable trap? Have they learned through technology not to move? I know I grew up outside, but are children now growing up inside?

  3. loved your comment Claire about how kids are growing up on the inside...very thought provoking!