Monday, November 25, 2013


     In this world there are many stereotypes. When it comes to men and women you can easily pick some out. One example is women working as an electrician. People would judge and say women can't keep up with men. Another example is men being nurses. People would judge them by saying it's a "women's" job. On a positive note about men nurses is they have a higher opportunity of getting a job and possibly get paid more. 
     When it comes to working out between women and men, we obviously all know men are stronger than girls but girls can be as strong as men. When it comes to lifting, women have a weak upper body and men have a strong upper body. Women obviously can't do as much reps and weight as men, but can lift a lot for having a weak upper body. Me personally, I have a very weak upper body but, however my legs are very strong. They say women have stronger legs than men which I think is great. I feel people shouldn't judge women when lifting but everyone knows it's still going to happen. What I would tell women is keep doing what you're doing and focus on yourself, not others. 

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